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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your service free?

Yes, our service is free to use.

2. Do I need to provide an I.D. to register?

No, you do not.

3. How does the laborer get paid?

Hirer will pay day laborer cash at the end of the job.

4. How does the hirer pay day laborer?

Hirer will pay day laborer cash at the end of service.

5. How do I contact you?

Please email us at with any questions.

6. Can I hire more than one day laborer?

Yes, You can select multiple day laborers from the same job posting. Please don't post the same job more than once, unless you change the job criteria.

7. Can I stop receiving job notification text messages?

Yes. You can go to your account page and select the "Suspend" button to stop receiving job notification text messages. You can re-activate your account any time when you want to receive job notification text messages again by selecting the "Activate" button.

How It Works

For People Who Hire Day Labor


First sign up and login to your account. Then you can request day labor according to your requirements.

FIND will send your request to day labor in our database. You can pick the ones you like.


At the end of the job, you will pay your day labor directly. Also, we will ask you to give your true and honest review and a rating of the day labor.

For Day Labor Looking for Work


First, sign up with your name and cell number.

GET WORK NOTIFICATION will text you when there is a work request.


You will be paid by the people who hire you after the work is completed.