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December 22, 2017 is a curbside digital staffing agency that reaches laborers instantly in real time connections via SMS. It’s diversity at your fingertips for day laborers on line.

Our database includes out of work laborers that stand in front of stores, such as Home Depot, U-haul, students, referrals, and anyone else in need of work.

These folks will give an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

Day laborers ready today are savvy with ‘how to’ experience in construction, plumbing, painting, custodial, warehousing, and mechanical work. Depending on their field of work, they will also have specialized knowledge to match their skills.

According to a recent survey, 39.2% of California day laborer skills are in construction, 29.4% in painting, and 15.8% in plumbing and carpentry--to name a few. Many laborers who know plumbing may also have knowledge of construction and other labor.

California has the largest concentration of day laborers with 42% having nine years or more of formal schooling, 30% with six to eight years, and only 6% with none.

Hiring workers with gives hirers a good start at getting the right labor quickly with this robust group. Hirers will see the worker’s photo and review with accompanying stars rating.

Day laborers at Home Depot parking lots is probably an out of work construction laborer who can potentially be a real asset because he’s seasoned and job ready with an excellent star rating.

Most of these laborers are men, but don’t overlook the up and coming female day labor population who brings much to the job too. Women laborers are also in construction, custodial, food services, maintenance, and gardening.

Therefore, look at day labor beyond the parking lots of big box stores for a better understanding of them for your best workers. A labor win!


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