Need a Job? Are you Labor Ready?

December 19, 2017

Let’s get to work! If you are labor ready, sign up now to get connected to 24/7 broadcast text job alerts via

The great new standard of day laborers are digital connections to jobs that need day laborers. The day labor market is very ‘right now,’ ‘right here” with a vast array of jobs and hirers. This provides a dilemma whereby the day laborer is forced to stand in front of home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowe’s, and moving and storage companies like U-Haul to communicate that “I am available.”

Unfortunately, not all hiring employers know where to look for day laborers. As a result, it’s a hit and miss for those hirers who know where to find day laborers. Then it’s by luck that they’re able to connect. A hard won effort that day labor works. Such job security is similar to a flash thunder storm in the desert! Unpredictable because both the day laborer and the hirer won’t know when the connection will happen and therefore won’t have a clue when the labor works.

With, signing up takes only seconds to get job broadcasts from hirers in your area. No professionalism is need. We eliminate the red tape of paper bureaucracy for the labor ready day laborer.

Experience in a field is always an asset, but finding work is challenging for even simple jobs such as a clean up or a yard raked. The convenience of is that we connect you with labor ready work.

You’re golden when you smile, cultivate a positive attitude, and do a good job. As a result, you’ll be building your resume with You’ll also become a valuable day laborer and proof that day labor works.

Working together, strong labor relationships are created between the day laborer and the hirer because labor works best when the day laborer is labor ready. Register with It’s free. Be labor ready!


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