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December 08, 2017

Think of DayLaborDepot.com as your own personal general labor pool. A direct connection to day labor jobs for workers and labor staffing for hirers.

Our premium program is created for a no fuss and no frills connection to get both the hirer and the laborer connected instantly.

A hirer will look for laborers based on worker response. The laborer shows up on time and works diligently; we ask then that the hirer rates the worker. This is a mindful assessment because the ratings serve as the worker’s resume for the next job search.

The savvy hirer is cognizant of what the laborer has brought to the job: work performance, attitude, fairness, and responsibility. All necessary for a successful work culture.

No matter if the pay is high or low, there’s always a job review. While few hirers actually look forward to performance reviewing, it’s an integral part of labor staffing which may adversely impact a laborer’s motivation and productivity. Naturally, many laborers will ask the hirer for a 5 star rating. Why not acknowledge their effort and performance? Especially if they did outstanding work for you after walking in cold to the job and then doing superb work.

If you have any concerns during the day, please don’t hesitate to immediately address the day laborer and correct it. After all, it’s the hirer’s job to oversee performance conduct and direct the day laborer. So, be a good manager to your workers. Supervise with kindness. During the day, complement them on their strengths and say, ‘Good job!’ Such encouragement inspires confidence in the laborer and builds ratings for both of you.

As a result, your work is completed successfully and on time with the laborer often lending his/her expertise to the job. Therefore, give your workers 5 stars for day labor for a day.

Enjoy the day labor pool and leave it better than when you found it. It’s a 5 star day for day labor!


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