In Depth Look At The Unique Qualities of A Day Laborer

November 02, 2017

A day laborer can score big points with hirers when they show up to the job site on time. Those that respond quickly to JOB ALERTS via SMS text on will have a greater opportunity to get hired.

Seasoned savvy day laborers bring the ‘it factor’ to the job site after having experienced a variety of jobs and survived many hirers demands. They know that listening is the first tool in their skill box. Taking ownership for their errors, asking for assistance when needed, and handling criticism are other valuable tools.

Job readiness, respect, and work confidence are all positive attitudes for day laborers who understand that time is money to the hirer. They work with pride and know how to defuse an issue if it comes up on the job. They will also ask when they have a problem or concern. These laborers have confidence in their stride and leave their personal lives at the door. They do not ‘trash out’ others and offer advice and helpful tips on a job. These savvy performers let the hirer know what they have accomplished and that they are ready for the next task.

Our SMS texting benefits a variety of workers such as Home Depot day laborers, ‘other street curb labor,’ referrals, and parking lot laborers from moving companies. Savvy hirers and workers know that saves them time and money.

Day jobs from, building centers, and work centers have one thing in common: a hirer who needs help now and the seasoned savvy hirer who knows the signs to look for in a day laborer.

In the culture of day labor market, there is an unspoken code between the hirer and the day laborer that thoroughly oils this day labor engine.

Workers enjoy the benefit of same day pay jobs especially when they are in school, have a family to support, or a relative that needs care. They are grateful for the day work and find positive merit in their job performance.

Contrary to what is said about day laborers, they are usually unemployed construction workers who were laid off due to budget cuts.

With their strong work ethic, these workers will arrive on time on the job site prepared usually with a backpack which typically includes: a hard hat, drinking water, food, plastic rain coat, gloves, sunscreen, portable coat, fold up aluminum blanket, compass, flash light, and an extra plastic bag for garbage. As a result, they convey a robust labor ready endurance with their preparedness and leave their work areas better than when they found it.

A verbal ‘job well done’ at the end of the day is what the day laborers crave hearing from the hirer, as they clamor for more work. This for them, is equally as valuable as the pay they receive.


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