Unstructured Labor Ready Work Force and Their Vulnerability

October 18, 2017

We promote safety in the day labor ready workforce so that day laborers can safely secure a day job via DayLaborDepot.com. Our SMS FREE jobs connection are conveniently away from potential traffic accidents and other hazards of busy streets.

Otherwise, day laborer will stand in front of businesses, home improvement stores, gas stations, and crowded streets waiting for work. They will also wait in isolated areas, such as dark, lonely corners with streetlights that may not work. This leaves the laborer vulnerable and at risk to accidents and other issues.

Our SMS labor alerts are also conducive in extreme weather so that day laborers who are desperate for work won’t have to stand in bone chilling temperatures or on hot boiling streets waiting for a job so that they can support their families and children. Instead, by using our 24/7 SMS connection, laborers now can time their waiting or go to a job directly and thereby reduce their wait time so that they won’t wait so long in extreme temperatures for work.

Until today, the option for day laborers to find a day job has been to stand on street corners waiting and hoping that a hirer will drive by to hire them. Often, they spend endless hours in expectation waiting stuck in one place for contact because this has been the only way for labors to get hired and hirers to find day laborers.

To add insult to injury, daily amenities are compromised with reduced or little access to lavatories, proper waste disposals, water and food. It’s an indignity that lowers the morale of day laborers as they wait hoping for work. Usually, there is nowhere for them to dispose of their food wrappers and other garbage. Most of it ends up on the ground, which pollutes the city and gives day laborers a bad rap with the public. This adds to the dilemma of securing day laborers and the resulting negative reputation associated with them.

By contrast, our DayLaborDepot.com 24/7 SMS connection gives them a secure, portable digital venue to find work and avoid long ‘stuck in one place’ waits. We are online and therefore everywhere. Within seconds, we effortlessly connect the day laborer to the hirer with Day Laborer Sign Up and Hirer Sign Up. Our ‘right now’ connection also saves everyone time and money It’s a win-win situation for both the labor ready workforce and hirers alike.


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