The Metamorphosis to Finding Day Labor Has Arrived!

October 13, 2017

In ancient times, outdoor markets offered a place where day laborers gathered looking for a job for the day. Employers we call hirers, secured day laborers for a variety of jobs. This age-old plight of finding day labor to help out with jobs has been an unspoken drudge since the beginning of time involving stress filled hours, valuable time wasted, and even construction site downtime.

Centuries of looking for day labor hasn’t changed until now. Our revolutionary new SMS site solves the problem of finding day laborers. It’s simple and FREE 24/7! service is akin to an ‘auto type’ labor ready application for instant hiring. We have conveniently customized the ‘application process’ streamlining what is required for savvy hirers to obtain workers. This cuts through endless time wasted searching for workers. In our research, hirers want a no fuss process and we have delivered this for them. Your free registration only takes a few seconds.

Next time you are on a job site and need help, simply post your job on instead of losing valuable hours running around the streets trying to find available Home Depot day laborers at big box stores that supply lumber and moving truck yards only to end up empty handed with a limited number of workers to choose from for your job.

Temporary day jobs and day laborers have finally come together into a streamlined way. is the ‘new tool in the box’ wired for getting results. Direct and made for ‘getting the job done’.

Our is created for both the laborer and the hirer for quick contact for jobs, saving both time and money. This reduces disruptive sidewalk gatherings, crime, and harassment. A win-win solution for everyone.


jea 2017-11-07 19:50:14

i am a day laborer and love your site - my boss told me about you.

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